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90 Balls Logic

Today, I was asked a very beautiful Logic Question by a very brilliant person. I took a minute to think about it and solve it. But then I was soo amazed at my own intelligence and aptitude that I am posting about the problem and my solution. (Sorry for bragging but I wonder how a brain works if not by divine intellect.)
Here is the question:

Question: You have got 90 pool balls which look completely identical in shape, size and weight. Only one ball in the complete set has a lighter mass. You also have a weighing machine. Tell me a way where you can find the anomalous ball in least number of iterations (steps).
Well, I have never come across such a puzzle till now, and was a bit dazed in such a scenario.
Then I trusted myself and started to think, and the solution was brilliant:
Doing it linearly weighing each ball takes 89 iterations.
My solution:
Divide the entire set of 90 balls into 45 each,
Weigh them on the weighing machine.

You get the set containing the ball with lighter weight.

How to connect Word 2013 with WordPress and Blogger – MS Word : the best blog editor.

There are many content editors for blogging on Mac platforms. But there are almost none for Windows.

I have two blogs : One for WordPress and one in Blogger.
The editors in both of them suck and I needed a very robust content editor to do all my changes and publish them in one stroke.
Well, MS Word is one of the best content editors ever created. Why not use it for blogs?
After trying very hard, I came up with the following solution:
Blogger is not supported in Word 2013 though it has provision to enable it. According to my observations, Google is implementing 2-page authentication which is failing the authentication process through MS Word.
This is according to my guess after running few trial and error methods.
Now why WordPress Authentication fails? Well, I solved it and it is really a silly workaround.
Let us have a detailed workaround:
You click Manage Accounts in MS Word and select New and select WordPress

Now If you click on next, you will get to the following window:

Please obs…

My Desktop

Just felt my desktop to be too impressive and productive. So I wanted to showcase it on my blog:

Things used:
1. Rainmeter
2. Omnimo Skin Pack
3. Elegance 2 clock Skin
4. Wallpaper:

Let me know your comments.