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Modern art vs Real art


A few years ago, there was a huge craze for so-called 'Modern Art.' 
Modern Sculpture, Modern Painting, what not.

I started seeing too much about this stupidity in Mumbai, Hyderabad, etc.,

Modern Art  My definition: It looks bizarre, abnormal and does not involve any talent.

Take a look at these for yourself and judge:

This picture is of 'veiled lady' sculpture, a replica present at Salar Jung Museum.

I was stunned by its beauty because, at first look, the statue seemed as if there is a thin cloth draped on a woman's face.
It is pure solid marble!

This, I feel, is pure talent and I have not seen such a stunning art again. Probably this is from Rennaissance period.

What do you term this?  Even a child can do something better than this!

This is a painting -->

What is this? ->

Ugly, warped and depressing!

Maybe a stuff for so-called 'Intellectuals' but for sane people, bull shit!

Wikiwand - A very useful tool for a fabulous Wikipedia experience

There is no need to stress on the utility of Wikipedia. I am an avid Wiki reader and not a single day passes without me opening the website.

Somewhere I came across Wikiwand and tried it. Amazing! It became so handy and helpful to me that I decided to write a small post about it so that the readers can benefit from it.

Wikiwand - This Chrome extension tool is fantastic. It gives me an amazing experience while reading

The best and most useful feature of this tool is that if I hover my cursor on any hyperlink related to Wikipedia, a small preview window comes into view displaying a short description from the parent article.

This feature reduces the effort to look up each and every unknown term and is immensely useful.

Do try it out: