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Technology presstitutes

Technology is a very integral part of our life. We invest a lot of hard-earned money in technology so as to make our lives better. 

We generally rely on the reviews of so-called tech gurus and technology journals /magazines/websites and invest in their recommended products.
Today technology journalism is going in a very wrong direction and has failed us totally. Instead of acting as a watchdog and providing unbiased thorough in-depth review of the products so that buyers could be better informed and companies have complete picture of the products they manufacture, 

technology journalists have turned into PR Presstitutes, just there to promote and recommend crappy and useless products to customers, thereby totally defeating the purpose of journalism.

I was inspired to write this blog when I read a story on Medium. The author of the article wanted to buy a Macbook Air because of its features and wanted some features to be added to the product so that she could buy a perfect gadget for hers…
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Memoirs of sightings of a Unicorn in India

Memoirs of sightings of a Unicorn in India
I am setting down a strange story I heard from my Maternal grandfather when I was very young. This story fascinated me since the day I heard it and continues to do so even today. Recently, I came across the image of the seal of the Unicorn, found in an Indus Valley archeological site. This refreshed my memory about the memoir and prompted me to pen down this story.

When I was very young, I used to listen to my Grandpa’s stories a lot — topics ranging from World war II (He witnessed planes flying it when he was very young), the German ship Bismark, the Bubonic plague, Jim Corbett, British India, to educational and cultural system at that time. One such story is about his purported sighting of a strange creature similar to a Unicorn. Let me set down his account as best as I can remember now — He once went to one of his relatives’ village in the region of Rayalaseema, India. He was a very young boy at that time. One day, he was standing in the v…

Triphala, the greatest gift of Ayurveda

This is a wonder herb-combination. Its benefits are extolled in all ayurvedic texts. 

The plant combination is worshiped at Srisailam shrine since time immemorial.

Basically, it is a laxative, when used regularly, is believed to keep health intact, improve eyesight, make body feel light and improve immunity tremendously.

Daily in the morning, I take 3 pinchfuls of triphala powder mixed with a spoon of honey. My immunity is extremely good and I am keeping very fit.

( be continued.)

Why I bought a MacBook Pro

(*Representative image) (Note: This is my personal opinion and I do not wish to slander any company or it's products.)
I have heard enough from people around me - What a waste of money! Was this necessary at all? Blasphemy! and what not!

Let me digress why I chose a Macbook pro, especially 2015 13inch retina display, and after a week's use, feel I had made a very good decision.

I have had my fair share of experience with all kinds of devices. My first mobile phone was an android device Galaxy pop from Samsung. I loved it for its features. There were tons of apps, even a flight radar app, and I was simply amazed. It went well for a year after which the company stopped producing it and dropped supporting the phone. Slowly it started lagging, battery life became pathetic and was prone to heating issues. While the world was running Android Icecream Sandwich, I was still on Froyo.

Even at that time, apple products were really famous and I used to snigger at apple fans and used to t…

How to keep up with Current affairs

When I was a child, people used to tell me to inculcate a ‘Good Habit’ — Reading newspapers.

Those people who were applying for Government jobs and civil services were advised to meticulously digest lots of information from the newspapers.

Well, as I grew up, I got to know that I live in an era of disinformation and Media and News outlets are the worst source of information — Propaganda, lies, yellow journalism, and what not!

And may god save those who still follow this rubbish.

Recently I took a glance at Civil services examination newspaper. I found the toughest papers to be easier and I myself was amazed at the depth of knowledge I had of the subjects.

So how did I gain such a knowledge without ever reading a single newspaper article?

Here are the tools:


Twitter This is a microblogging platform. One opinion does not exist here. You see an issue from all the sides, gain perspective from all directions and have access to all kinds of thought processes. Best part — The …

Time Management

Once upon a time, I took to PC gaming for stress busting purposes and started to play Warcraft, a very addictive game. Slowly I got addicted to gaming so much that one day I played the game for 5 hours flat! I realized too much time has been wasted on this and I could not complete some critical tasks. 
I felt awful about the wasted time which could not be brought back at any cost. I was pondering over my loss of not doing important tasks on time and delaying them until the last minute and completing them under tremendous pressure. 
I realized my mistake and wanted to spring back to my feet. I started my research on Time Management. I started practicing it and now I feel super productive and really great in my work and in my life.
After trying all the methods and testing them, I am presenting the same here in a nutshell:
First, I highly recommend my blog viewers to watch the following video:…

Modern art vs Real art


A few years ago, there was a huge craze for so-called 'Modern Art.' 
Modern Sculpture, Modern Painting, what not.

I started seeing too much about this stupidity in Mumbai, Hyderabad, etc.,

Modern Art  My definition: It looks bizarre, abnormal and does not involve any talent.

Take a look at these for yourself and judge:

This picture is of 'veiled lady' sculpture, a replica present at Salar Jung Museum.

I was stunned by its beauty because, at first look, the statue seemed as if there is a thin cloth draped on a woman's face.
It is pure solid marble!

This, I feel, is pure talent and I have not seen such a stunning art again. Probably this is from Rennaissance period.

What do you term this?  Even a child can do something better than this!

This is a painting -->

What is this? ->

Ugly, warped and depressing!

Maybe a stuff for so-called 'Intellectuals' but for sane people, bull shit!