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WAR DOG -- Tibetian Mastiff


Whoever let the dogs out, pray like hell they are not Tibetan mastiffs.

These powerful and highly spirited dogs , who CAN IGNORE PAIN , scare away leopards and packs of wolves. They can zig-zag corners with greater differential agility and grace than mountain leopards.

“ Let loose the dogs of war” is actually a true call given by the likes of Genghis Khan and Attila the Hun. 

They had hordes of tenacious and agile Tibetan mastiffs , each weighing more than 100 kilos with their armies. Their booming barks could be heard miles away, terrorising enemy horses. These dogs size up the situation before attacking, and can conserve energy.

There is no other animal on the planet of its like. 

Alexander the Great was presented with one and he took it with him back to Europe. By the way, Alexanders horse was never the same after being terrorised by an elephants roar during a battle in India. Queen Victoria was also presented with a huge one by the Indian Viceroy.

Tibetan masti…

The Forgotten Chakras -- The Feet

                          “Along with our system of seven main physical Chakras, we have a web of auxiliary energy centers, or lesser chakras, that provide a wide spectrum of energy influx into our system.  They are often ignored and neglected.  One of them is the system of chakras for the feet. Located on the base, or sole, of our feet; it has as a primordial purpose the discharge the “electrical” streams generated as an consequence of the normal activities and functions of the physical body. These small, but important, chakra vortexes can be found on the sole of each foot and they work in combination with the Muladhara Chakra or base chakra, along with other minor chakras in the legs to create a stable lattice foundation for our physical existence. When they function harmonically, the Feet Chakras ensure a constant flow of communication and connection with the energy grids of the Earth to the rest of the chakras on our physical and extra-physical bodies. They were also designed to f…

Thorium - Fuel of the future

I remembered the Ian Fleming 007 James Bond book GOLD FINGER where the entire gold in Fort Knox would have been radiated , to keep it safe .

History shows that where ever costly minerals were found in Africa the poor locals lost their blood and suffered endlessly. 

Energy is the reason for terrorism and violence in Iraq , Nigeria , Libya and many other countries. 

And now Uranium and Thorium rich Somalia has joined the list too. 

Since India has the worlds best Thorium reserves, the white man is tripping over each other to offer us OBSELETE Uranium powered nuclear reactors. This is like trying to palm off a useless 20 year old MS DOS laptop to you , so that you will NOT buy the latest processor model . 

Our president Abdul Kalam had told on national television years back that India must develop Thorium based nuclear reactors. Thorium contains 150 times more energy than Uranium and is the MOST efficient combustible . It is found along with actinides Uranium and Plutonium in the Periodic tab…



 i used to watch a programme on HISTORY CHANNEL.

it was about 2 professional american fighters, going to all corners of the world to learn a martial art , say for 2 weeks. then one of them will challenge the top most fighter of that strain ( karate/ kungfu/ judo etc ).

they were tough and no pushovers. i remember their names bill duff and jason. both were very likable characters , with no ego.

they went to the top secret shaolin temple in china. they were afforded a peek into the forbidden for foreigners, inner sanctum ALONG with history channel video camera--the first time ever--

and guess what-- BODHI DHARMA'S coloured portrait was there- with hairy barrel chest and all.

in 520 AD this mallu , seen in picture above( speaking my mother tongue malayalam ) residing in kerala ( voted by natural geographic / word traveller -- as one of the 5 top beautiful places on the planet ) , trav…

Nikola Tesla-- The Greatest Scientist to walk this earth

Nikola Tesla is the best man to walk on this planet

Have a look at the  picture of the world at night-- all the lights are lit by 

ALTERNATING CURRENT invented by Tesla. 

Serbian nicola tesla is the greatest genius ever to walk on this planet. he was a greater genius than von neumann or einstein.

His fault was that he would not allow his inventions to be metered , so that the world citizen could be bled. he would not allow his discoveries to be used against mankind. he was denied a nobel prize, for radio transmission and ac electricity. 

marconi and edison ran him down, after all he was just a eastern orthodox serb , a lesser mortal.  vested interests tried to steal his intellectual property again and again, so he kept his scalar wave and free energy inventions inside his head. now it is lost for ever. the world has been set back by 500 years.

Tesla's name cannot be found in any Physics book of any school. Edison has been wrongly declared as the man who invented Electricity and the bul…



The 7000 year old Rig Veda, written in Sanskrit, has 117 hymns about a wonder elexir by the name of Soma.  And thousands of temples have the Samudra Manthan depicted , extracting amrit by churning the ocean  .

We have drunk the Soma; We have become immortal; We have gone to the light; We have found the gods    Rig Veda 8.48 - 5000 BC
There are two main paths in Hinduism.
One is the Advaita ( non-dual ) and the other is Dwaita ( dual ) philosophies of Sanatana Dharma.

The Advaita form looks at God , as brahmAn-- the intelligent morphogenetic consciousness field , the akasha  or  the space between the whizzing electrons in an atom. 

Matter exists because of this intelligent force which holds the spiraling electrons in its orbit-- for if it drops or rises one single orbit the matter changes into something totally different.