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Triphala, the greatest gift of Ayurveda

This is a wonder herb-combination. Its benefits are extolled in all ayurvedic texts. 

The plant combination is worshiped at Srisailam shrine since time immemorial.

Basically, it is a laxative, when used regularly, is believed to keep health intact, improve eyesight, make body feel light and improve immunity tremendously.

Daily in the morning, I take 3 pinchfuls of triphala powder mixed with a spoon of honey. My immunity is extremely good and I am keeping very fit.

( be continued.)

Why I bought a MacBook Pro

(*Representative image) (Note: This is my personal opinion and I do not wish to slander any company or it's products.)
I have heard enough from people around me - What a waste of money! Was this necessary at all? Blasphemy! and what not!

Let me digress why I chose a Macbook pro, especially 2015 13inch retina display, and after a week's use, feel I had made a very good decision.

I have had my fair share of experience with all kinds of devices. My first mobile phone was an android device Galaxy pop from Samsung. I loved it for its features. There were tons of apps, even a flight radar app, and I was simply amazed. It went well for a year after which the company stopped producing it and dropped supporting the phone. Slowly it started lagging, battery life became pathetic and was prone to heating issues. While the world was running Android Icecream Sandwich, I was still on Froyo.

Even at that time, apple products were really famous and I used to snigger at apple fans and used to t…